About Us

Inspiring Pearls is an emerging pearl jewellery business, offering a beautiful collection in a range of classic and contemporary styles. We have Freshwater Pearls in sterling silver and 9-carat gold, Akoya and South Sea Pearls in 18-carat gold, to cater to different markets.

Mei Li, the business director, has been working in Australian pearl wholesale businesses for six years. With insight into the jewellery wholesale practice. Most importantly, she has been falling in love with the pure organic gem and aims to offer Australians more affordable quality pearls.

Mei is running the business with full support from her Chinese counterpart, who has pearl farms and manufacturing factories in Zhuji, China’s pearl county. By visiting the pearl farm and factory, she witnessed the different Freshwater Pearl types and culturing methods, so she made up her mind to change people’s stereotype perception of Freshwater Pearls.

Backed up by such a unique relationship, Mei is endeavouring to provide Australian women with more affordable and appealing pearls by cutting back overhead expenses, channeling the savings back to retailers, and through them, to the end consumers. Her dream is to help to achieve the goal that “every woman’s wardrobe shall have a strand of pearls”.

Besides, we can do custom-made jewellery, we offer restringing service to our customer free of charge for the first time as we are fully aware different customers may require slightly different length to suit them, but we will charge pearl cost if more expensive pearls are needed.

Though Inspiring Pearls is relatively new in the jewellery industry, we have the business savvy to provide everything we stand for: quality jewellery, low price, and outstanding service.

We know how important it is to deliver orders quickly. We guarantee to deliver normal orders in 2 days, backorders and special orders in 2-4 weeks. We are making efforts to eliminate backorders and so far it is under good control.

By now, we proudly announce that we have over 160 shops nationwide stocking our jewellery and thank everyone for the business.

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